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First of all I’d like to thank you for coming to our celebration of the life of Diane Hilgers

 I know Diane wanted us to celebrate her life.  Diane always had a way of taking something bad and seeing the good.  She always saw the glass as half full.  I hope others who speak today will share some of Diane’s great views with us. 

Let our tears, be tears of happiness for what she has given and not for what we have lost, as we have not lost, we have gained.  We have a better understanding of love and life.

Diane taught us about the bigger picture GOD IS LOVE and taught us to live and love each other.

She loved everyone.  She had the ability to see one’s spirit and see the love within people.  She never judged but loved, respected and trusted everyone.  With Diane you got 100% love.

Diane was never interested in anything physical.  As a Christian Scientist she gave no power to anything physical.

She encouraged and taught us with her passion! 

Shortly after we bought our house and Diane became pregnant she encouraged me to start my own business.  I quit a great, stable, high paying, secure job to pursue a dream.  Diane had struggled for years as an artist and had learned to live on the lean side and make ends meet.  Now with a new home and a baby on the way I was encouraged to start my dream.   After Dana was born things started to get tough, and our income dropped to less than our mortgage.  But Diane never gave up and never stopped encouraging me she inspired me to work hard.  We learned to live on next to nothing.  Which I soon found was really everything.  We did not need the things we are led to believe that we need.  We only need love, family, friends, trust, encouragement, joy, fun, laughter and freedom as well as minimal human needs food and shelter.

Before any of our children were born, Diane would always say, “I cannot wait to meet them!” another interesting way of viewing life. 

Diane gave me a great gift! - She taught me that with love you really do not need anything else. 

In the car one day I realized the following and you can quote me!  “I had more when I didn’t have any, than I did when I had a lot!”  

In another words physical material in our lives is absolutely meaning less.  We keep thinking we need more to be happy and we are already happy it’s just that material (our more, more, more life) is clouding our vision.

Thank you Diane for such a great gift!

Within a few years business picked up!  Our product made a difference!  We were able to touch over 100,000 lives and help others become better at their lives. 

When Diane became ill, I realized that nothing would stand in my way to drop everything and be there as close to 100% as I could to get her through her challenge.  I became mister mom and worked hard to fill any gaps left in my kids as well as be with Diane as much as I could.  I took Diane to every doctor’s appt. and was there to hold her hand and comfort her every step of the way.  Up until the last 2 hours of her life, we always thought she would make it. 

Her death was magical and she had everyone in the room that she needed to make the transition.  Ann, Debbie, Ron, Mark and I, as well as several hospital staff members.  It was like Diane was hand picking each one of us to be there for her departure.  It was not coincidence that we were all there, we were chosen.  Death is beautiful.  There is nothing to fear.  After watching Diane pass I realized that coming into the world is as beautiful as leaving.

Diane always liked the movie pay it forward. Take what Diane has given you and give it to someone else.

Diane taught us how to live, how to love and how to truly enjoy life.

Hug some one!

Spend time with your family.

Invest in your family and friends.

Make a difference in the lives of others.

Try not to get wrapped up in material.

Diane was a spiritual gift giver who left something with all of us.

Diane was a fresh breath of life in this crazy world.

Do something to remember Diane in your life.

Today is for Diane a celebration of her life and love.  We are all better people thank you Diane.  Thanks for loving me, thank you for teaching me how to love, thank you for such beautiful kids, thanks for teaching us so much.  Thank you for the ability to spend so much time with the ones we love.   I love you very much!

Let us prey, dear heavenly father, thank you for bringing Diane into our lives, thank you for trying to bring us back to reality from our more, more, more lives to realize that its all about love. We ask you to reward the spirit of Diane for her undivided love towards all people of all races, creeds and color with angel wings so that her sprit may continue to live on in our lives.  I ask that you give us strength to remember Diane through our lives to help us love and respect all people.  Help us to always see the good side of each problem and remain positive through troubling times. Help us to teach others that love is the answer.  In Jesus name we prey, amen.

In the movie it’s a wonderful life, when a bell rings another angel gets its wings, when you hear a bell ring, think of Diane getting her wings!  Thank you!