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Deren, Evan & Dave Johnson sign up around 8 am. on July 24th.
Team "Diane Hilgers" Bike Ride.

July 24 & 25 - Several family members John Hannah, Dave Johnson, Evan Johnson, Deren Johnson, Paula and Chic Hall rode in this years Lymphoma & Leukemia Society's - Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour. They joined cyclists from all over the country on July 24 and 25, 2004. It started in Mequon, WI.and ended in Sturgeon Bay, WI.. Other family members (Dana, Jenna, Randy Hilgers; Jeri Johnson; Darci, Jim, Dan, Matt Hannah and Barkley the dog) rode along the way in a support van for several rest stops, before heading home, next year we plan on staying with the group.

We are planning on riding again next year and anyone who is interested in riding, pledging or joining us in a support vehicle should contact Dave Johnson at 847-459-3989 or email Dave at djohnsoda@comcast.net

Team "Diane Hilgers" Evan, John, Deren & Dave (missing Chic & Paula)
Dave, Deren & Evan
Dave with Dana & Jenna Hilgers, and Matt, Jim & Dan Hannah
Jeri and Dave - Thanks for letting Dave ride on your birthday.
Whose that cool dude with the glasses!
Others waiting to go!
Nothing wakes a girl up like a box of donuts and juice!
Dave on the trail!
Evan drafting behind the support van.
Evan passing the support van, notice Lake Michigan in the background, the ride was along the lake. ... is that John Hannah in the mirror ... probably not!